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A channel devoted to those topics in CT that are most difficult to master.

If you’ve been studying for the CT Registry Exam, you’ve probably figured out that some areas are more challenging than others. The ARRT’s test writers know the sections where they can easily win back some points.

The Tuffest Stuff’s “Something To Know” area is specific Registry content that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with, so you can now have what’s needed to help you breeze through the sections where many students struggle.


A Windowing Lesson

In this video, the mathematical relationship between Window Width (WW) and Window Level (WL) is discussed with an example. 

Contiguous vs. Non-Contiguous

In this video, the terminology is explained relative to PITCH and detector alignment.

The Uncoupling Effect

In this video, the impact of Automatic Rescaling is discussed, explained and demonstrated as it relates to digital technologies and CT.

Organ-Based TCM

In this video, the four types of Tube Current Modulation (TCM) are defined and explained. 

Calcium Scoring

In this video, how an Agatston Score is achieved is discussed relative to gating.

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