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The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar Solution (online, on demand) & The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Live Lecture Seminar are each approved for 16 category A CE credits by the AHRA. Each also satisfies the ARRT educational requirement to sit for the CT Registry Examination.

The topics presented in the Tuffest Stuff are taken directly from the ARRT CT Examination Specification Contents. In the online version, the Seminar Solution, the Power Point based video presentations are well paced and filled with content. And, of course, the “Live Lecture” continues with rave reviews.

The quality of the Educational Materials is the most underrated part of the deal. Not only do they reinforce the lecture but they are used to keep up to date with changing subject matter references. Within the Educational Materials are approximately 1500 registry-like questions. The practice is incredible. These are written by an RT with a CT credential who has taught with great success for a long, long time. Mike is available for questions by phone/text (209-617-4468) or email (

Here is some of the contents to be found in the Educational Materials:

  • The Practice Test Workbook & Crosswords
    • 500 registry-like items
  • Various Worksheets
    • CT Imaging Chain, Resolving Resolution, CT Anthology
  • Mock Registry Exams 2 & 3
    • Each Mock Registry Exam is composed of 170 tough Registry-like questions
  • Baby Boards Suite
    • Comes in two parts and totals 250 questions
  • Section Practice Exam Suite
    • Practice Section Exams for each of the four Sections
  • Labeled 2D Cross-sectional & 3D Anatomy images, and more

Can’t make it to our Live Lecture Seminar? No problem! The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Online, On Demand Webinar makes it possible for registrants to study and prepare for the CT Registry Exam any time they choose, as long they have access to the internet. The course is developed with your success in mind and provides thorough content to improve knowledge and confidence of registry exam material, including practice exams and cross-sectional & 3D labeled anatomy.

The Tuffest Stuff Registry Review Online Seminar topics include 16 total hours of:

  • The CT Imaging Chain Operational Components
  • Essential Principles of CT Imaging, Pixel and Voxel
  • Data Acquisition: facts, myths & methods
  • Image Reconstruction & Display
  • Image Quality & Terms, Scan Field of View, Display Field of View
  • The Resolutions: Spatial, Contrast & Temporal
  • Post-processing, Multiplanar Reconstruction
  • CT Quality Assurance
  • Contrast Agents, Terminology, Reactions & Treatments
  • Cardiac Fundamentals
  • CT Math- Pitch, Quality, Exposure
  • CT Scanning Parameters, CTDI-vol, Dose Length Product
  • Calculating Radiation Dose in CT
  • Patient & Radiation Safety
  • Protocols & Procedures: Head & neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, MSK
  • Arterial & Venous Vascular Anatomy
  • Cross-sectional anatomy, 3D anatomy & pathology review

The content is thorough and developed with an emphasis on student retention, which is why so many students are able to pass the CT Registry exam on the first try.

Mike Enriquez recognizes the importance of training that includes a focus on the technical application of CT courses. He focuses on creating situations and opportunities where difficult technical skills can be easily developed and then tested through the “Baby Boards” and difficult mock registries that are more challenging than the real exam.

The Tuffest Stuff Registry Review Online, On Demand Webinar is approved for 16 category A CE credits and satisfies ARRT educational requirement to sit for the CT Registry Exam. . The contents of the WEBINAR is based on the latest version of the ARRT CT Examination Specification Contents.

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Online, On Demand Webinar is the only program offering educational materials to go with the high quality recorded, on demand lectures.

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Only $425 $359 for 16 hour webinar

All registered attendees will receive the following educational materials:

  • 500 Registry-like practice test questions and Crossword Puzzle queries
  • Includes worksheet examples of the 17 most probable to be seen equations
  • Composed of more than 75 labeled images
  • Two 170 question REGISTRY-LIKE practice examinations with answer keys
  • Section Practice Exam Suite
  • Worksheet exercises on The Resolutions, Automatic Tube Current Modulation, the CT Imaging Chain and more



“Mike and I have collaborated on projects for the California Society of Radiologic Technologists. His attention to detail and his ability to present subjects in an interesting and entertaining format is exceptional….”

Diane Garcia, MS, CRT, RT (R)(CT) Clinical Coordinator/Instructor, Diagnostic Imaging Program, San Francisco City College

“The Tuffest Stuff review was just what I needed to prepare for my CT registry. I felt like I was in a classroom, which was exactly what I needed. Mike was available by phone, email, and messenger to answer any questions and just give overall support. It was just like having a teacher in a classroom that cared about your progress and your success. ”

Amy Knighten, January, 2019

“I purchased the online CT review guide about 4 months before I took my registry! I found the online lectures and printout PowerPoints we’re very helpful. I was able to pause, rewind and rewatch the lectures as I needed to to take notes and make myself flash cards. The online practice boards were also very helpful! The lectures broke down the things I couldn’t teach myself such as physics and getting the resolutions straight in my head. I passed with an 87!”

Brittany Carter, December, 2018

Just wanted you to know that with the help of your program, I did very well on my exam.  Thank you for making a detailed, yet soft on the palette study material that allowed me to retain the knowledge and feel confident to sit for the boards.

Brett Bullard, May, 2019

Thank you!!!! Your program was amazing and it helped me so much. I have recommended it to all my ct friends. Thank you so much for all your hard work making CT easier for me, and many others. You rock!


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Only $425 $359 for 16 hour webinar.

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