16 Hour Seminar

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2 reviews for 16 Hour Seminar

  1. Amy K

    The Tuffest Stuff review was just what I needed to prepare for my CT registry. I felt like I was in a classroom, which was exactly what I needed. Mike was available by phone, email, and messenger to answer any questions and just give overall support. It was just like having a teacher in a classroom that cared about your progress and your success. He offers plenty of materials to help you prepare for your exam. I am a hands on learner and was able to download and print any material that I needed. The support that he gives is amazing. I passed my registry on the first try! I definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in taking the CT registry. You can’t go wrong with the webinars or live seminars. Plus, Mike is amazing. He is just as concerned with your personal success as a friend or favorite teacher would be!

  2. Brittany C

    I purchased the online CT review guide about 4 months before I took my registry! I found the online lectures and printout PowerPoints we’re very helpful. I was able to pause, rewind and rewatch the lectures as I needed to to take notes and make myself flash cards. The online practice boards were also very helpful! The lectures broke down the things I couldn’t teach myself such as physics and getting the resolutions straight in my head. I passed with an 87!

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