Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a CT Registry Review guaranteed pass?

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar Solution has an exceptional first-time pass rate. Among the students who complete The Tuffest Stuff structured education, 94% pass the ARRT CT exam on the first attempt. We don’t provide a guaranteed pass, but our rate of success should give you confidence that The Tuffest Stuff is the best CT Registry study guide out there.

Who can I speak with if I have questions about your products?

Professor Mike Enriquez makes The Tuffest Stuff a detailed, thorough approach to understanding the ARRT CT exam. If you have any questions about The Tuffest Stuff products, Mike is available for questions by phone/text (209-617-4468) or email (

Are The Tuffest Stuff educational suite of products approved for CE credits? 

The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) has designated approval and accreditation for the CT exam prep material crafted by The Tuffest Stuff. The course content is accredited by the AHRA for 16 category A CE credits, which satisfies the (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) ARRT Structured Education Requirement. The Tuffest Stuff curriculum is approved by the ARRT.

Will I get to see the results of my mock registry exam?

The results of your CT registry mock exam will be available right away. In addition, if there’s a section of the exam content you don’t understand, you can request CT tutorial time with Professor Enriquez.

What forms of payment do you accept?

To make your CT Registry exam prep purchase as easy as possible, you’re welcome to complete your order with a major credit/debit card, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I register and have my clinical facility pay the registration fee?

Yes. Payment can be received from clinical facilities for individual RT’s. Contact Professor Mike for important details.

Is Group Registration possible?

Yes. In fact, a group made up of 3 or more RT’s can be registered for any of The Tuffest Stuff family of products for a substantial discount. Contact Professor Mike for important details.

What is your refund policy?

Professor Mike is willing to discuss a partial or complete refund in the event that:

  • An RT experiences significant and repeated technological problems with any of The Tuffest Stuff products. We must, first, have the opportunity to be of assistance in the remediation of the stated problem.

Do you offer live CT Registry seminars? 

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar Solution is designed for all learners. We understand some students work better with on-demand content, while others need direct interaction. To support all learning types, Professor Mike Enriquez offers live CT registry seminar classes upon invitation by a facility throughout the year. 

Do you offer physical ARRT Registry Review books?

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Capstone Suite prepares you with worksheets, labeled documents, and comprehensive ARRT registry review workbooks. The material can be viewed online or printed for a hard copy. 

Is someone able to go over the ARRT exam review with me once it’s taken?

Professor Mike Enriquez makes himself available to all students via phone, text, and email. If you need to review the results of your ARRT CT exam review once it’s complete, reach out to Mike to schedule a time.

Do you offer private or small group tutoring?

Professor Mike Enriquez prides himself on the fact that 94% of his students pass the CT exam the first time they take it. Helping students achieve confidence and a thorough understanding of the test material is done in many ways. Private and small group tutoring for the CT exam is available.

How do I obtain my Certificate of Completion?

After completing all of the Section Examinations with a 75% or better, you will receive a link that will allow you to download the Certificate of Completion. The Certificate is the only document you will be required to submit to the ARRT as verification that you have completed the ARRT Structured Education requirement.

If I purchase The Tuffest Stuff Webinar, how long do I have access?

You will have complete access to The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar Solution for two years from the date of purchase. You’re able to access The Tuffest Stuff course material on any device with internet access.

How playable are the Power Point video presentations?

Any of The Tuffest Stuff CT exam study videos can be replayed or paused at any time. You may also fast forward to specific sections of the video or stop the video and resume viewing at a later time. 

Are the Section Examinations timed?

The Tuffest Stuff CT mock exam Section Examinations are not timed. You are welcome to work at your own pace, but once the test is launched, you must complete it. You may not pause the exam and log out to return at a later date.

Does completion of The Tuffest Stuff satisfy the requirements to sit for the ARRT CT Registry Examination?

Satisfactory completion of The Tuffest Stuff satisfies the ARRT Structured Education Requirement. The Tuffest Stuff is approved for 16 category A CE credits. If you have completed the clinical component of the ARRT requirements, you will then be eligible to sit for the ARRT CT Registry Examination.

I can’t seem to access the Webinar. What do I do?

Sometimes there are technology glitches and things don’t work the way they should. In this case, send an email message to Mike describing your issue ( Mike will forward your message to our IT folks. Help should be on the way within 24 hours. 

What is a Scaled Score? How is it used to determine if I passed the CT Registry Exam?

Scaled Score is a statistical methodology used to compare exam performance from individuals across the country. Using Scaled Score is an attempt to level the playing field given the potential differences in educational programs designed to prepare candidates for the CT Exam. In 2022-2023, the CT Exam data reveals that nearly 73% (72.7) of first time CT Exam candidates passed the CT Exam. They did so by answering 66% of CT Exam questions correctly resulting in a Scaled Score of 79.0.

Is The Tuffest Stuff up to date?

Yes. The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar is completely up to date
in accordance with the CT Exam Specification Contents effectuated July 1, 2022.

How do purchasers of The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar perform on the CT Registry Exam?

It is estimated that nearly 95% (94.7%) of First time candidates who purchase and use The Tuffest Stuff Webinar pass the CT Exam with an average Scaled Score of 84.

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“I found the online lectures and printout PowerPoints were very helpful.  I was able to pause, rewind and rewatch the lectures as I needed to take notes and make myself flash cards.  The lectures broke down the things I couldn’t teach myself such as physics and getting the resolutions straight in my head.  I passed with an 87!”

-Brittany C.

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