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When’s the last time you felt valued as a customer? When you enroll as a student in any of The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review products, your success matters. How you perform on the ARRT CT Registry exam is how we measure our effectiveness. Professor Mike Enriquez is there to help you succeed. 

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We know you have choices when it comes to selecting an online study guide for the CT Registry Exam. As an award winning Radiology educator, Professor Mike Enriquez has made a career enjoying the success experienced by the thousands of RT and CT students with whom he has had the honor to instruct. Professor Mike knows how important it is that you have decided to consider The Tuffest Stuff family of products. He knows how important it is for you to be considering educational materials that will help you to achieve an important professional goal: adding the CT credential to your last name. 

If you have questions or are interested in a personal tutoring session, Professor Mike Enriquez is available. Professor Mike is also available for Q&A/Tutorial Sessions with small groups. 

Our materials are designed to be challenging and comprehensive. The Tuffest Stuff products are effective. Your knowledge base will be improved and so will your confidence. The opportunity to learn is available. Being challenged by our study materials is one of the most positive ways to be of assistance in helping you achieve your CT credential goal. You will pleasingly realize that fact when you finally sit for the ARRT CT Registry Examination.

Whether you learn best through online webinars, mock registry exams, quizzes, cross-word puzzles or worksheet exercises, The Tuffest Stuff family of products is “spot-on.”  Especially if you wish to do your best on the ARRT CT Registry Examination. In fact, The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar with Educational Materials is your best choice when preparing for the ARRT CT Registry Examination.

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The Tuffest Stuff has been trusted by more than 1,400 Radiologic Technologists who have completed the online course and some 3,500 RTs who have attended the Tuffest Stuff live seminar.

One of the important things that sets The Tuffest Stuff curriculum apart is Professor Mike’s availability and commitment to each of his students. Your success on the CT exam is his top priority. If you have any questions about any CT related topic or The Tuffest Stuff family of products, Professor Mike is available for questions by phone/text (209-617-4468) or email (

Online CT Exam Study Guide Reviews

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar with the stellar Educational Materials is the best way to prepare for the ARRT CT Registry examination. Professor Mike has put thousands of hours into the material you will use to pass the exam, and his online testimonials and reviews speak for the quality of the content.

Read testimonials from actual students who have completed The Tuffest Stuff Webinar.

“This was an extremely useful and wonderful course. I learned things that will help me in my everyday job as well as for the exam.” 
Stephanie M.

“This was an INFORMATIVE, AWESOME CLASS!  Well presented!  Mike is very energetic and thorough.  Physics is my weakness, but now I feel well equipped and I understand the concepts.” 
Areti V.

“I LOVED the course. Mike kept my attention the whole time! I can read the material all day long, but it really helped to hear you say it out loud. You definitely have a gift for explaining things in terms that are easy to understand.” 
Heaven C.

The Tuffest Stuff alums are blown away by Professor Mike’s ability to clearly structure his presentations so that students leave confident in the knowledge they have gained.  His recent ratings say it all!

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You may have questions about your purchase and we’re here to help. The nature of the Tuffest Stuff’s products is designed to give you access to all material as soon as you make your payment. For this reason, we do not offer refunds once purchased. We stand behind our educational products and are proud of the results we’ve given students. 
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You know by now, technology can give us all challenges from time to time. Should you experience any technical issues, we stand ready to help you troubleshoot. Kindly email with exactly what’s happening. If you can attach screenshots, videos with (LOOM) or anything that will help us see what’s going on. 
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When you’re ready, put your trust in the best CT exam prep course available. And, also, at your request, receive a personal tutorial on topics of your choosing while studying for the CT Registry examination. The Tuffest Stuff Webinar with Educational Materials is the best preparation tool for the ARRT CT Registry Examination that you could possibly choose.


CT Registry Exam Pass Rates for The Tuffest Stuff alums on their first try: 94%!
Content based on the most recent ARRT CT Examination Specifications
Webinar Series prepared by an award-winning presenter & CT Registered RT

“Super grateful to have come across this program that literally prepared me so much for the boards. Highly recommend to anyone who has doubts about passing the boards.   5/5 easily!!!”

-Sarah M.

5 out of 5 stars