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The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar was first offered in 2011 and has been presented more than 100 times in over 80 different venues. Since then, approximately 2,500 RT’s have satisfactorily completed the seminar and successfully passed the CT Registry Exam on their first attempt. The Tuffest Stuff Registry Review Seminar topics include:
  • The CT Imaging Chain Operational Components
  • Essential Principles of CT Imaging, Pixel and Voxel
  • Data Acquisition: facts, myths & methods
  • Image Reconstruction & Display
  • Image Quality & Terms, Scan Field of View, Display Field of View
  • The Resolutions: Spatial, Contrast & Temporal
  • Post-processing, Multiplanar Reconstruction
  • CT Quality Assurance
  • Contrast Agents, Terminology, Reactions & Treatments
  • Cardiac Fundamentals
  • CT Math- Pitch, Quality, Exposure
  • CT Scanning Parameters, CTDI-vol, Dose Length Product
  • Calculating Radiation Dose in CT
  • Patient & Radiation Safety
  • Protocols & Procedures: Head & neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, MSK
  • Arterial & Venous Vascular Anatomy
  • Cross-sectional anatomy, 3D anatomy & pathology review
By using the demonstration method of teaching, Mike Enriquez is able to communicate ideas effectively to his students with an emphasis on retention. In fact, past registrants of The Tuffest Stuff Live Lecture Seminar have been successful on the CT Registry exam more than 92 percent of the time as a first-time test taker! The Tuffest Stuff Registry Review Seminar is approved for 16 category A CE credits and satisfies ARRT educational requirement to sit for the CT Registry Exam. The contents of the SEMINAR is based on the latest version of the ARRT CT Examination Specification Contents. Can’t make it to our Registry Review Seminar? No problem,  we have a 16 Hour CT Registry Recorded Seminar that can be done at your own pace. The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Live Lecture Seminar is the only program offering educational materials to go with the high-quality live lecture.
All registered attendees will receive the following educational materials:
  • A Separate syllabus for Day 1 and Day 2 that include all of the presentation slides
  • 500 Registry-like practice test questions and Crossword Puzzle queries
  • Includes worksheet examples of the 17 most probable to be seen equations
  • Composed of more than 75 labeled images
  • Two 170 question REGISTRY-LIKE practice examinations with answer keys

Online Live Webinar Workshop

Sept. 12, 13, 19 & 20  2018 Register Now Oct. 17, 18, 24 & 25 2018 Register Now Only $499 $429.99 for each event


“I truly believe that your program (The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar) will help close the gap in post-primary CT education.”

– Laura Vasquez, Ph.D., RVT (ARDMS), RT(R), (MR), ARRT, Acting Chairperson, Department of Medical Imaging Sciences, And Program Director, Imaging Sciences Program

“UNBELIEVABLE! I enjoyed the way Mike got the information across. It was like regular conversation. I feel like the SEMINAR was exactly what I needed to pass the Registry!”

– G. Gayle, Chicago SEMINAR, December, 2017

“The SEMINAR was GREAT! So much knowledge given! Study materials are so on point and explained in ways I can understand. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Thank you!”

– C. Brown, Philadelphia SEMINAR, September, 2017

“Great! Yes! I feel much more informed now! I did the MIC and still felt confused. This course explained a LOT more!”

– A. Eldridge, Chicago SEMINAR, December, 2017

“The SEMINAR was EXCELLENT! Mike really broke down the material to help me understand it more.”

– Anthony F., Philadelphia, PA, September, 2017

“Yes! The books are awesome, very easy to understand compared to other study materials that I have.”

– R. Hernandez, Chicago, IL, December, 2017

“This SEMINAR was very informative. It showed me that I needed to study certain things more but has really helped me understand CT as a whole, a lot more. Thank you so much you are a great instructor!”

– Deb F. Mount Pleasant, PA, September, 2017

“I believe this program (The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar) will be instrumental in helping students pass their CT certification.”

– Laura Vasquez, Ph.D., RVT (ARDMS), RT(R), (MR), ARRT, Acting Chairperson, Department of Medical Imaging Sciences And, Program Director, Imaging Sciences Program

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Online Live Webinar Workshop Sept. 12, 13, 19 & 20, 2018
Oct. 17, 18, 24 & 25, 2018
Only $499 $429.99 for each event

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