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ARRT CT Registry Exam Online Study Guide | CT Physics: Image Production & Safety Content Categories

Passing the ARRT Computed Tomography Registry Exam means using a variety of study materials to best fit your learning style.


The work you put into understanding the ARRT CT Exam content and the  structured education requirement will help to determine what materials you will use to study for the ARRT CT Registry Exam. Doing so will be an important deciding factor in whether you pass or fail the CT Registry Exam. By completing Capstone Suite for CT Physics you will have remedied your weakness in CT Physics. You will be more knowledgeable regarding CT Physics and thus, more confident when answering CT Physics Registry questions.

In particular, The Tuffest Stuff Capstone Suite for CT Physics covers the Content Categories of Safety and Image Production from the CT Examination Content Specifications. From these two Content Categories come 75 exam questions on the CT Registry! The Content Sub-categories included in Capstone Suite for CT Physics include Radiation Safety & Dose, plus, Image Formation and Image Evaluation & Archiving.

The Tuffest Stuff Capstone Suite for CT Physics is designed to assist with the learning of the most important parts of CT Physics that you will need for the ARRT CT Registry Exam. We believe that you’ll find success on the physics portion of the ARRT CT Registry Exam thanks to our comprehensive coverge of the CT Physics you will need for the Exam. You’ll benefit from in-depth lessons, worksheets, quizzes and practice exams. These learning devices will challenge you and reinforce those learning points you will need for CT Registry Exam success. In particular the mock registry exams mirror the ARRT CT exam from the standpoints of content and subject matter.

Because our material is designed with your success in mind, it’s not easy. You don’t need a false sense of confidence heading into the ARRT CT Exam. You need material based on the latest ARRT CT Registry Exam Specification Contents. You need a CT exam professor who has devoted thousands of hours to creating the most relevant and challenging CT study guide available. And you need mock exams that will readily challenge your newfound knowledge.

The Tuffest Stuff Capstone Suite for CT Physics is the solution to remedy your weakness in CT Physics. 

The Tuffest Stuff Capstone Suite for CT Physics

The Tuffest Stuff Capstone Suite for CT Physics will prepare you in the area of CT Physics to take the CT Registry Exam with confidence based on the right kind of knowledge. You can access the material from any electronic device with internet access.

The Tuffest Stuff Capstone Suite for CT Physics includes the following learning devices:

  • “BABY BOARDS” Part 1- Comprehensive Mock Registry Exam
  • “BABY BOARDS” Part 2- Comprehensive Mock Registry Image Exam
  • CT Image Artifacts- their appearance, cause & resolution, lesson & worksheet
  • Acquisition Geometries in CT- lesson & worksheet
  • Radiation Protection- Minimizing Patient Exposure lesson & worksheet
  • Radiation Safety- Optimizing Patient Dose Reduction lesson & worksheet
  • Dose Measurement in CT- Dose Indices, Personnel Protection, Shielding lessons & worksheet
  • The CT Anthology Worksheet- Scatter Production Factors, PITCH, The Resolutions
  • Resolving Resolution Worksheet- types, definitions, controlling factors, lesson & worksheet
  • Image Processing- Reconstruction & Post-processing, lessons & worksheet
  • The CT Imaging Chain lesson & worksheet
  • Mock Registry 2- 170 questions
  • Mock Registry 3- 170 questions
  • CT Math Fundamental Equations Workbook with Mock Registry questions

The Tuffest Stuff “Baby Boards” and mock registry exams are intended to be challenging just like the real CT Registry Exam. Keep in mind that the mock registries are comprehensive. That means they will include questions about areas of the Specification Contents for the CT Registry Exam that are outside the realm of CT Physics.

Professor Enriquez is committed to assisting you with your mastery of the CT Physics you will need when you sit for the CT Registry Exam.

When you’re ready to remedy your weakness in CT Physics and take your medical imaging career to the next level, The Tuffest Stuff Capstone Suite for CT Physics is the study device you need to consider. We create thorough content that prepares you for the level of difficulty you’ll encounter on the ARRT CT Registry Exam.

If you are looking for a preparation tool that is more comprehensive, then consider The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar. All four of the Content Specification categories are covered in detail, including Patient Care, Safety, Image Production and Procedures. The Webinar is approved for 16 category A CE credits and satisfies the ARRT Structured Education requirement.

CT Registry Exam Pass Rates for The Tuffest Stuff alums on their first try: 94%!

Content based on the most recent ARRT CT Examination Specifications

Webinar Series prepared by an award-winning presenter & CT Registered RT

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