Readying yourself for a promotion at work can be challenging. Even if you’ve advanced your skills through education or training, finding a position that is a better fit for your new abilities takes work. If you’ve been working as a radiologic technologist, you’ve enjoyed working side by side with patients and medical professionals dedicated to using the latest medical technology to diagnose and treat patients with traumatic injuries, diseases, and other illnesses. When you’re ready to take your income and career to the next level, passing the CT Registry exam is the move to make.

The CT exam offered by the ARRT is specifically designed to test the knowledge of applicants looking to have a career in computed tomography. The exam features questions regarding patient care, procedures, image production, and radiation safety. Passing the exam means you’ve acquired the specialty skills needed to work with CT machines. The specialty equipment produces cross-sectional images of patients’ bones, organs and tissue that are used to diagnose medical conditions. Doctors and patients will rely on your expertise when it comes to producing the images.

Acquiring the certification you need to work as a CT technologist is just the first step to securing your promotion at work or finding a better job. When you’re ready to put your newly earned skills into practice, it’s time to follow our steps to secure your new position.

How To Earn A Promotion At Work

While the job market for CT techs is growing – 30,300 new jobs are expected between 2016 and 2026 – you need more than availability to fill the role well. CT techs take on a lot of responsibility. The doctors rely on you to provide the proper images for an accurate diagnosis and the patients need an empathetic, skilled technologist who can explain the imaging in easy-to-understand terms. Use our steps below to earn a promotion at work:

Do your current job well. If you’re unable to successfully fill your current role, a certificate of completion to become a CT tech isn’t going to convince your supervisor you’re ready for greater responsibility. While waiting for a promotion, remember to perform your current job with efficiency and skill. You need to prove you’re ready for the advanced position.

Learn on the job. Find an opportunity to cross-train to acquire new skills. Even if you’re learning a job you don’t plan to do each day, it’s important to understand everyone’s role in how the facility operates. If there’s an opportunity to shadow a worker in the role you desire, take it. When the promotion does present itself, you’ll be more aligned with the job responsibilities.

Share your goals. It’s difficult for your supervisor to offer you a promotion if they are unaware you’d like to make the step up. Schedule a meeting and openly share your accomplishments and your short and long-term goals. Don’t be bothersome (weekly reminders aren’t necessary), but it’s acceptable to make your goals known to those who can help you accomplish them.

Be (cautiously) patient. It’s important to understand a promotion may not be immediately available, and even if a spot does present itself, a coworker with more experience or tenure may be chosen for the spot. That said, if you’re performing above par and going beyond your job responsibilities but continuously get overlooked for a promotion, it may be time to consider another company.

How To Secure A Better Job

After earning your CT tech certification, if you realize your current company doesn’t have an opportunity for promotion or you feel your new skills will be better utilized at another facility, it’s time to secure a better job. If you’re seeking employment with a different company, make your transition a smooth one by:

Continue to work hard at your current job. Let the reputation you leave with your current employer be a good one. Don’t slack off because your mind has already moved on to bigger and better things.

Have documentation ready. Anywhere you apply to be a CT tech may request copies of your certification or proof of other education. Request transcripts or copies of your degree / certifications in advance to move the application process along quickly.

Do your own research. Ask around, read online reviews, and be observant during interviews to determine if the atmosphere of a potential new employer is the right fit for you. Just because a promotion is available at a new facility, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to walk into a better environment. Ensure it’s a good fit for your needs before accepting the job.

What To Consider For A CT Tech Promotion

As you evaluate whether your current employer is the best fit to apply for a promotion or you’d rather take on a CT tech job in a different location, there are certain factors to consider for both. You want to position yourself in an environment that allows for growth through continued education and wants to serve patients with the most advanced technology.

Consider the facility’s growth rate. Look at the number of patients and employees. If both are increasing at a steady rate, the growth likely implies the facility will want to keep up with the latest medical imaging machines and there will be a need for skilled CT techs well into the future.

Research the region’s medical needs. The U.S. population is aging at a rapid rate. The nation’s 65-and-older population is projected to reach 83.7 million in the year 2050, almost double in size from the 2012 level. Do some preliminary research into the area where you live or wish to acquire a job to see what the projected medical needs will be based on the population.

Calculate your desired payrate as a CT tech. The median annual salary across the country for a CT tech was $61,240 in 2018, but your desired area may pay more or less. Give some thought to your desired pay and find areas that fall within that salary range.

If you’ve worked to achieve your CT tech certification, it’s time to take the next step to earn a promotion or find a better fit job for your new skills.