So you’ve decided it’s time to advance your career as a radiologic technologist. You hear that CT credential calling your name. It is now time to start preparing for the ARRT CT Registry Exam. Like any assessment at this level, passing the exam requires dedication and a solid study plan. Equally as important is the quality of study materials used in preparations. 25% of exam takers (that’s one in four!) fail on their first attempt. So how do you know your chosen plan of action will guarantee a passing score? We’ll break it down, and in the process, cover both the information you need to master as well as what to look for in preparation materials.

ARRT CT Registry Exam Content Specifications

The first step in studying for a high school test or college examination was to take a look at the syllabus to see what the test covers. Similarly, the content covered on the ARRT CT Registry Examination is pulled directly from the Content Specifications, which are updated continuously as the field evolves.

The ARRT breaks down its content into four main areas: Patient Care, Safety, Image Production, and Procedures. They then lay out the sub-content areas in each category over which the exam assesses knowledge and skills. Each sub-category can be directly tied to a question (or more than one) in the bank from which exam questions are pulled. When creating a study plan and especially when choosing test prep materials, it is essential that whatever you choose gives you in-depth coverage in all of the specified content areas to prepare you with excellence, for the CT Registry, and your career as a CT Technologist.

Preparation Material – The Essentials

It’s now clear. It is possible for RT’s to review, in general,  what to expect in terms of the exam content. You can, now, begin to look at courses, books, or other programs that cover these topics. But, are all prep materials created equal? Absolutely not. It is vital to choose a program that includes a variety of study materials, that are both comprehensive in content coverage and easily accessible. See what we mean below. 

  • Accessibility

    RTs are busy individuals, so study programs must keep up. Whether you choose a book, virtual program, or in-person class, consider how it fits into your schedule. Online courses offer a unique option to study from anywhere. This is especially valuable when personal lives and commitments prevent commuting to an in-person class. In addition, on-demand options allow you to study at those times which are convenient for you. For those trying to utilize breaks at work, long commutes, or other bits of free time for exam prep, this on-demand option is vital.

  • Material Variety

    The questions on the CT Registry Exam cover both knowledge and cognitive skills. While all 185 questions on the exam are multiple-choice, they require several different thinking and processing methodologies to accurately process the information to determine the correct response. When choosing study materials, aim for those that include a variety of ways of presenting the information. The best courses offer text and video content, graphics and images, interactive worksheets, and (several) mock exams or smaller assessments. Active learning via these materials helps students become able to retrieve the necessary information on the day of the exam.

  • Support Throughout Preparation Process

    The level of support given by most programs and courses varies. Some options provide the material upon purchase with no follow-up or ability for students to seek assistance. Others, specifically virtual programs, offer technical support in accessing the material or addressing login issues. The most valuable programs go a step further. These serve as an ongoing resource for students even after they make the initial purchase. Having a way to communicate with course creators or lecturers is incredibly useful when attempting to master challenging topics. Seek out those programs that make this communication easy and accessible.

The Tuffest Stuff 16-Hour CT Registry Review Webinar

Is it possible to find a study program that is up-to-date with the ARRT Content Specifications, given in a variety of interactive and engaging ways, and that can be accessed from any device with WIFI, at any time? Luckily, the answer is yes! When creating The Tuffest Stuff’s CT Registry Review Webinar, we wanted to be sure that students could access the material whenever and from wherever. We also consistently monitor ARRT’s content guidelines so that our solution stays current and aligned with the knowledge and skills needed to ace the CT Registry Exam. Lastly, The Tuffest Stuff’s ultimate goal is for students to pass their exams. We make it easy to contact us with any content questions along the way until you are confident that you’ve mastered the material.

Guaranteed Pass on the CT Registry Exam

The Tuffest Stuff certainly provides students with the essential CT Exam prep resources and information. However, passing the exam also requires a student’s commitment to take the time to study the material required, which is why we currently can not guarantee that you’ll pass — we stand firm on this 100%. 

A CT credential is a huge step in your career. Allocating appropriate study time and sticking with a plan is crucial. We understand that life responsibilities are a consideration and study plans need to be highly individualized for each student. We can help with this as well!

The Tuffest Stuff is the ONLY review program that offers a free 1-on-1 consultation with students to create a plan of action that fits their needs. These consultations with course creator, Mike Enriquez MPA(R), are an excellent first step in beginning your journey to becoming CT certified. Contact us today to get started and join the 94% of Tuffest Stuff alumni who pass the CT Registry Exam on the first try!