The role of a radiologic technologist is demanding. But it’s also rewarding, interesting, and flexible. 

If you have your eye on a career in radiology, the life of a radiologic technologist might be for you. 

Not only do you work in the medical field, but you also have access to cutting-edge technology. You’re not bound to any one medical speciality. And you can make a difference in the lives of the patients you see each day. 

Sound like it might be for you? Here are eight ridiculously cool benefits of having a radiologic technologist job. 

  1. Work Anywhere You Want

You don’t have to be in a big city or work near a major hospital. A great career in radiology can happen anywhere you find happiness. 

You’ll find most radiologic technologist jobs in hospitals. Even small communities have hospitals with a need for RTs.

If you find yourself without a hospital close by, look for forensic labs, primary care clinics, mobile imaging services, pediatric CT, or breast imaging centers. Radiologic technologist  jobs are available in a variety of fields. 

After graduation, find a city that you love. Look for jobs that match your credentials and interests close to home. 

  1. Find a Schedule That Works For You

If you don’t like working 9-5, then radiology is perfect for you. 

Hospitals and clinics need radiologic technologists all hours of the day. Hospitals don’t close for business at 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

If an evening shift or weekends work better for your schedule, there’s an RT job that’s perfect for you.  

  1. Graduate Without Years of School

You can start a career in the healthcare industry without years of school and advanced degrees. 

To be clear, it’s not easy to study and graduate a credible radiologic technologist program. It requires lots of study and exams. 

After getting an associate’s degree, most RT programs last only 24 months.

After graduation, it’s a matter of passing exams and staying certified through continuing education.

But, with plenty of help and preparation, taking the CT Registry exam will become second nature. 

  1. It’s Never Boring

When you’re in radiology, you see all kinds of things. 

X-rays show everything that’s right or wrong in a human body. Sometimes, x-rays also show things that don’t belong in a human body. 

As a radiologic technologist, you’re often the first to see what lies beneath the surface. 

From strange things to strange medical cases, you’ll see it all. From frightening cases to medical miracles, you never know what will roll into your radiology lab that day. 

  1. You’re Doing Good Work

X-rays are often the source of good news or bad news. When a doctor requests the imaging of a patient, they’re trying to diagnose a problem. 

The time you spend with a patient to get the best pictures of their condition is time well spent. In those few moments, you are calming and compassionate. You hold the keys to deeper insight into medical issues. 

You’re the next step to helping patients feel better. It’s an important role. 

Never underestimate the value radiologic technologists bring to the healthcare world. Without your skill of capturing images, many diagnoses are not possible. 

  1. You’ll Make a Good Living

Helping people, an interesting job, and making good money sound pretty good. 

As a radiologic technologist, those things can be yours. The median annual wage for an RT job is around $58,000 a year. Plus the rewards of changing lives are many. 

Consider also that without the need for years of expensive school, you’re starting a healthcare career with less debt than other medical careers. 

Jobs in the field of radiology aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The human body will always need care. And there is always a need for good RTs.

  1. You’ll Use Lots of Skills

In addition to learning and understanding how the body works, you’ll use computer skills. 

It’s not all x-rays all day long. You’ll update charts and keep up with current healthcare software.

You’ll see evolving technologies with imaging. There’s always room to learn and grow in a radiology career. 

In addition to the technical parts of the job, there’s the human component. Having a passion for your work and compassion for the patients you see each day is critical. 

  1. There’s Room to Grow

Radiologic technologists have room to grow their careers in the field of radiology. It’s a field with job security and different paths to doing more in radiology. 

As a technologist, you have the opportunity to supervise technologists. You’ll operate more equipment than just a standard x-ray machine.

After you get a feel for the world of radiology, RTs have room to pursue specialities. Study to become certified in CT or MRI technologies or radiation therapy. 

As technology changes, you’ll enjoy the challenge of learning new things and finding new ways to advance your career. 

With a career as a radiologic technologist, you’ll never be stagnant. 

What Does it Take?

We want to be clear. Radiology isn’t “the easy way” to get into the medical field. Radiologic technologists train and study for a challenging career. 

You must learn anatomy, pathology, and physiology

Have you ever wondered why RTs are so particular about the placement of your body before taking x-rays? This comes from understanding radiation physics and positioning.

You’ll learn the skill to get perfect pictures while minimizing radiation exposure for patients. 

You’ll also learn patient care. Understanding the imaging machines is one thing. Understanding how to handle patients with care is another set of skills to learn and practice. 

A Radiologic Technologist Job is Worth It

Studying for a radiologic technologist job isn’t easy. But the career is worth it.

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