April 2021 marks a momentous accomplishment for The Tuffest Stuff. We have officially been helping RTs attain a CT credential for TEN YEARS. However, the wheels were put in motion long before then. It took many years studying content, developing curriculum, and working with students to shape our program into what it is today. So, to know the whole story, you have to travel much farther back than ten years.

Early Career Achievements

In the early 1990s, course creator Mike Enriquez was busy working as a Program Director and Clinical Coordinator I. In his role, Mike had the privilege and responsibility of working with future RTs and teaching them both within the walls of the classroom but also in a clinical setting. Often charged with tackling and teaching the most difficult technical aspects of radiation, including physics, Mike became an expert in not only his industry knowledge but also his ability to share it with others. He was able to pass the CT Registry Exam (on his first attempt) in 1992 and was among the first to do so.

Curriculum Development for Computed Tomography

After obtaining his own CT credential, Mike began to develop courses and curricula specific to computed tomography to supplement an existing RT Bachelor’s program he supported. While doing so, Mike also set out to further his physics and technology expertise in the area of CT, logging countless clinical hours to hone his knowledge and skills and become an expert.

Over the next 10 years, he taught full-time and helped students master advanced imaging while continuously learning himself. Along with teaching, Mike became a member of a task force dedicated to bringing CT curriculum to a national level so that those seeking the credential would be adequately prepared to walk into their exam.

This task force became the first to develop Content Specifications for the CT Registry, dictating all the areas of CT to be tested by those sitting for the exam. Along with this, they created both the curriculum and course design for classroom and clinical education in CT. Before leaving the task force in 2006, Mike helped to revise this curriculum, which played a huge role in shaping modern-day CT education.

The Birth of The Tuffest Stuff

Having spent so many years teaching and creating curriculum, Mike saw a clear need in the space for a dedicated CT educational program to help RTs prepare for the CT Registry Exam. From this realization, the first curriculum for The Tuffest Stuff was created back in 2011. Knowing firsthand the importance of covering all content specifications from the ARRT, Mike created a live lecture seminar closely based on these, and brought it to his first audience in San Antonio, TX in 2012. From there, The Tuffest Stuff Live Lecture Seminar traveled throughout the United States, presenting at more than 120 locations to thousands of RT’s. The positive feedback received from students was overwhelming and most went on to achieve their CT credential after the seminar.

Expanding Reach with a Recorded Seminar

While thousands attended the live lectures, we realized the potential to reach even more by offering an online version of The Tuffest Stuff. We wanted to specifically focus on a course that could be utilized on-demand so that students with busy schedules could still adequately prepare. In 2017, Mike went into the studio in Berkeley, CA to professionally record each of his CT lectures, transforming his live performance into Tuffest Stuff CT Registry 16-Hour Webinar. Along with the recorded lectures, the program includes an incredible amount of additional educational materials, including worksheets, mock exams, and 2D and 3D imaging.  

Continuing Support for Exam Preparers

Mike Enriquez is a lifelong learner and a lifelong educator. His passion lies in Radiologic Technology and Computed Tomography and the ability to use his expertise to teach others and help them advance their knowledge, skills, and careers. Unlike any other CT Exam preparation program, enrolling with the Tuffest Stuff gives you access to the course creator himself. Mike makes himself available to help students form a study plan and remains accessible throughout their efforts to answer questions and explain concepts as needed.

Thousands of The Tuffest Stuff alums have passed the ARRT CT Registry Exam, and each one of them is a testament to the power of the 16-Hour Webinar and its comprehensive coverage of content and high level of support for its students.

The Future of The Tuffest Stuff

While ten years is an accomplishment of which we are incredibly proud, we have no plans to stop anytime soon. We’ve got several ideas for additional material and offerings to come over the next couple of years. The success of RT’s who join The Tuffest Stuff is our biggest reward and continues to propel our enthusiasm for making our program the BEST option for those preparing for the CT Registry Exam. If you are thinking about joining the thousands who have already passed, we would love to connect.  Contact us today to get started!

Timeline Infographic of the history of The Tuffest Stuff