Gaining education through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) has increased in popularity for the past 14 consecutive years. The Babson Survey Research Group reports more than 6.3 million students enrolled in at least one online class in 2016. As educational facilities face the needs of a larger, more diverse student population, online learning options are an important component to many advanced education programs.

Launching a career as a Computed Tomography (CT) Technologist is no different. With career opportunities across the country, it’s important to find the right VLE that can adequately train you and allow you to feel confident as you move through the program and begin your job hunt.

While millions of students move forward with higher education and advancing their careers through a VLE, there are challenges to staying motivated and completing the work to obtain your goal. Whether the education program is a few weeks or a multi-year program, recognizing when your motivation needs a boost and finding the tools you need to stay engaged will help you get the most out of your Virtual Learning Environment.

Find the Right Virtual Learning Environment

One of the most important keys to successfully completing a VLE program, is finding the right fit for your learning style. Some virtual environments incorporate chat boards, webinars, or require engagement through online reading and submitting research papers. Take the time to evaluate your needs as a student.

Do you prefer practice exams to prepare you for future certifications? Do you find it easier to use on-demand videos so you can replay different portions at your own pace? Would you prefer to have direct interaction with your professor via email, text or phone call?

Each of these questions should be paired with your preferred learning style. When considering a CT registry review course, for example, you may desire interaction well beyond a downloadable study guide. It may give you more confidence knowing you can contact the professor to discuss topics you don’t understand or have access to multiple study guides and practice tests.

Before committing to a VLE, research your available options to ensure what the program offers matches your expectations of a learning environment and materials provided. When you feel supported throughout the learning process, you will perform better and be more motivated to complete the program.

Engagement Breeds Motivation

If you want to stay motivated while working through an online educational course, take the time to engage with other students and staff. Research reveals “students who talk about substantive matters with faculty and peers, are challenged to perform at high levels, and receive frequent feedback on their performance typically get better grades, are more satisfied with college, and are more likely to persist.”

Stay engaged with the professor and others in the VLE. Inquire about Facebook groups, one-on-one time with the professor, or other virtual platforms that allow you to communicate with others in the same course. Take a learn-by-doing approach so you not only feel more engaged with the course material, but you also build your professional network that you can turn to in the future.

Keys to Success in a Virtual Learning Environment

Staying motivated through the online course is just half the battle toward success. As you prepare for the CT Registry Exam, use these tips for success in your VLE.

Communicate regularly. Learning in a virtual space presents the inherent problem of not being able to meet face-to-face. Despite the distance, you can still communicate regularly with your professor and others in the program. Utilize discussion groups, digital messaging, and feedback from the professor on submitted work as ongoing forms of communication.

Seek a study group. Studying with one or more people, even virtually, can help increase the amount of information you retain. Work with a group to create a study guide and openly discuss topics you find difficult. You may find the topic you struggle to understand comes very easy to another group member.

Create a classwork calendar. When you don’t have to physically arrive at a facility for class or project dates are given ahead of time, it becomes easy to procrastinate. Review the class schedule, assignments and material you must submit. Develop a classwork calendar to keep yourself on schedule with assignments. This way, you won’t be bogged down with numerous projects or an overwhelming reading assignment the day before a project is due.

Set goals with practice tests. If your online course provides practice quizzes and exams, utilize them frequently and set goals for how many questions you should get correct. Review your results and spend more time studying your problem areas.

Just because your learning is completed online doesn’t mean you must do it alone. In the moments you question the assignments, a particular topic or feel unsure about the results of a practice quiz, reach out to the professor or others in the course. Constantly stay engaged to get the most from your Virtual Learning Environment.

CT Registry Virtual Learning Environment

Choosing to take the CT Registry Exam is a move forward in your Radiology Technology career. The employment market for the specialized medical imaging career is flourishing and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a job that offers new challenges each day. As you plan for the exam, do more than download a study guide. Make the investment in yourself and commit to an expansive virtual learning experience with The Tuffest Stuff. As one of the only online platforms that offer comprehensive study guides, quizzes and diagrams in combination with high quality recorded, on demand lectures, The Tuffest Stuff students have a first attempt pass rate of the exam of 94 percent.

 The ARRT exam for the CT Registry is not easy, but with the right tools, you can successfully pass the test and move into a rewarding career. The Virtual Learning Environment established by Professor Mike Enriquez of RadProf Media Productions (RMP) focuses on material that mirrors what you’ll see on the exam. Explore the materials you’ll receive by enrolling in the Tuffest Stuff recorded webinar and expand your career options today.