Creating a study plan is essential when preparing for a large assessment like the ARRT CT Registry Exam. Jumping into the material without this plan may cause you to waste time with ineffective strategies and time management.

Exam Content Specifications

The ARRT excels at remaining transparent when it comes to what they cover on the CT Registry Exam. They keep an updated rundown of content specifications.  So, those heading into the exam know which topics on which to focus their time. The four main categories of content are patient care, safety, image production, and procedures. These  are broken down into subcategories and it’s noted how many scored questions are pulled from each. Keeping these specifications at the forefront of your study efforts guarantees you don’t forget important topics to master before sitting for your exam.

Assessment of Existing Knowledge

Depending on previous studies and knowledge gained in the workplace, you may already have a grasp on some topics covered in the CT Registry Exam. However, this exam is very difficult. So, it is important not to enter into exam preparations with a false sense of confidence. Seek out a mock exam that is equally if not more challenging. Doing so allows you to easily identify the areas of struggle as well as those areas you may have mastered. It is important to know where you stand.  This allows you to use your time effectively to tackle trouble areas and master those concepts.

Create a Study Plan and Calendar

Once you know both the topics that the exam covers and what you’ve already mastered, you can begin creating a plan for your time leading up to the exam. Measuring your strengths and weaknesses increases your ability to allocate time accordingly, devoting more to those areas with the highest opportunity to improve. We’ve created a base study plan, which utilizes The Tuffest Stuff’s 16-Hour Webinar and its Educational Materials over a 6-week period. You can easily tailor this based on your existing knowledge and timeframe, but it is a good place to start your planning efforts.

Once you’ve planned which topics to tackle each week, it is crucial to block the time to do so in your calendar. Especially for those working in the medical field, schedules can be hectic. For this reason, be sure to allocate the time in advance around work and other responsibilities, so you devote enough time to exam preparations

Throughout your studies, it is important to regularly re-assess your knowledge to measure improvement or lack thereof. At least twice before the CT Registry Exam, take an additional mock exam to assess your knowledge at that point and adjust time allocations for the duration of your preparations if necessary.

Additional Exam Preparation Tips

Creating a study plan is a huge step in preparing for the CT Registry Exam. It ensures that you spend your time and effort wisely and master all topics covered in the exam content specifications. There are, however, other things to consider as you dive into the material. We recommend the following strategies as you seek out preparation materials and begin your studies.

  • Join a CT Study Group: By bringing in others studying the same material, you open up the opportunity to pose questions and discuss topics that you find difficult to understand. These groups are a mutual exchange of information, and you may also be able to help others using your knowledge on certain topics.
  • Use a Variety of Study Materials: Do not restrict your studies by only using one type of study material. In addition to lectures or written text, incorporate images, worksheets, and audio/video content to better help you retain the information.
  • Commit: Even the best laid-out study plan won’t be successful without commitment. Remember, this is a massive step in your career, so social lives and other personal commitments may need to be put on hold a bit during the preparation period.

Need Help Creating a Personalized Plan?

We know that starting your preparation for the CT Registry Exam can be daunting. We also know that the best study plans are personalized to the individual based on their strengths and weaknesses. The Tuffest Stuff is happy to offer a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation with course creator, Mike Enriquez. During this consultation, you will review your mock exam scores and identify areas of mastery along with those that may require more of your attention as you study. Doing this ensures that you best utilize your study time and head into the room fully prepared when sitting for your exam. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!