Why spend your time, money and energy on a computed tomography (CT) mock exam that’s so easy it doesn’t prepare you for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) exam?

Choosing a quality mock exam is the most important step you can take in preparing to develop a successful study plan. The problem with many practice CT exams is they’re not created as part of a comprehensive study guide. Stand-alone mock exams test your knowledge, but they may not offer a thorough look at what’s most likely to be on the ARRT exam.

Understanding the qualities of a comprehensive CT mock exam will help you choose a more in-depth study program. As you work toward your certification in computed tomography, you want to be prepared to meet the requirements you’ll need in education, ethics, and examination. The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar Solution is the leading CT exam preparation program. Our CT practice test is purposefully designed on a difficult level to ensure you’re fully prepared for the ARRT exam.

How To Choose CT Mock Exam

The end goal is to pass the ARRT exam and earn your CT tech certification. Knowledge to achieve your goal goes far beyond statistics, formulas, and figures. The purpose of the CT mock exam study guide is to increase your comprehension and memory of information directly related to computed tomography skills. The study program you choose needs to focus on your learning style. For many, opening a text book to read pages of information and then take an exam on the content isn’t effective.

An effective study guide program will offer key qualities, including:

  • An approach to all learning styles
  • Information most likely to be on the exam
  • Explanation of correct answers
  • Ability to reach out to creator for clarification
  • Different versions of a practice exam
  • Worksheet exercises to practice learned skills
  • Content that focuses on retention, not memorization

The CT exam study guide you choose should prepare you to pass the ARRT exam in your first try. A study guide that incorporates real-world questions will best help you develop the technical skills necessary for the job.

It’s important to note that not just anyone can sign up to take the ARRT CT Certification Exam. There are necessary steps before signing up, and only a comprehensive mock exam program will help prepare you for those steps. Before the exam, you must:

  • Achieve ARRT primary credential in radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, or radiography.
  • Present completion of 16-hour education program.
  • Present documentation of 125 procedures to authenticate your clinical skill.
  • Submit to an ethics review (only in necessary cases).

Once you’ve completed these steps, your clinical supervisor will be contacted to verify your experience. Your CT certification exam can be scheduled once all these prerequisites are complete.

In addition, the CT exam study guide you choose must be an approved structured education to count as your 16-hour program. The information must cover the four content categories on the CT exam: Procedures, Image Production, Safety, and Patient Care. To take the exam, you must complete one credit hour from each of the four categories as part of your 16 total hours. The credit hours must be completed with two years of the date you apply for CT certification.

Importance Of CT Mock Exam

Not only are the 16 hours of structured education mandatory before you can take the exam, but preparing with a mock exam is also the most realistic way to prepare for the actual test. The ARRT exam does change occasionally, so utilizing a study tool that is regularly updated is crucial to your success. Relying on a study book from 2005 won’t do you any favors on exam day.

The Tuffest Stuff CT registry study suite includes two 170 question registry-like practice examinations with answer keys, a 250 question “Baby Boards” Mock registry exam, and several topic dedicated worksheets with “registry-like” questions. This format gives you the most life-like experience next to the ARRT exam.

The CT certification test includes 165 questions that cover the four topics mentioned above. The layout of the content is:

  • Procedures: 68 questions
  • Image Production: 55 questions
  • Safety: 20 questions
  • Patient Care: 22 questions

The exam also includes 20 pilot questions. Again, the questions are not labeled as such. They’ll be mixed into the other exam questions, but they do not count toward your score.

Benefits of The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Study Guide

The Tuffest Stuff CT registry review program focuses on the three distinct learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Roughly 65 percent of the population is visual learners, so we’ve created an engaging webinar that introduces pertinent information in a visual medium. The Power Point based video presentations are well-paced and filled with content taken directly from the ARRT CT Examination Specification Contents.

Around 30 percent of the population is auditory learners. For those who can comprehend without challenge simply by hearing a presentation, The Tuffest Stuff live lecture seminars are an informative and interactive way to learn.

Finally, the remaining 5 percent of the population is considered kinesthetic learners. This unique group needs to practice what they’re being taught. A live seminar or webinar video with demonstrations isn’t enough. To reach these learners, The Tuffest Stuff utilizes tools like cross-sectional and three-dimensional anatomy review.

The Tuffest Stuff program is designed to be harder than the actual test so that each student feels well-equipped when taking the ARRT CT exam. The webinar, live seminars, interactive worksheets and engaging anatomy diagrams encourage you to process course materials so that you can increase your comprehension and ability to think critically.

Because The Tuffest Stuff CT registry suite is so comprehensive, the pass rate for first-time test takers is 94 percent. Whether you’re just beginning your journey to become a CT tech or other CT mock exams have failed you, rely on The Tuffest Stuff suite of services to provide you with the best opportunity to gain your CT certification.