Traditional vs. Modern Test Preparation Methods

In the past, preparing for the ARRT CT Registry Exam often meant enrolling in an in-person class and/or purchasing expensive textbooks.  Recent years, however, have brought to life a new way of approaching test preparation – online.

Online learning brings knowledge to students without the need for a classroom setting.  Because of this, it has made it possible for those who may have otherwise not been able to begin their journey to a CT credential.

If you are wondering if online test-prep is for you, consider some of the benefits offered.

Benefits of Online Test Prep Programs

  • Flexibility: Online programs allow you to control the environment in which you study and oftentimes the days and times as well.
  • Cost: compared to traditional in-person courses, online learning provides a much more affordable option when preparing for your CT Registry Exam
  • Ease: Simply saving the commute to an in-person classroom setting is reason enough for some to choose online learning.

It is no wonder that so many people have chosen the online approach when working to obtain their CT credential.  As demand for this type of program increases, so does the number of programs available online.  In the landscape of these programs, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish which programs provide the top quality information and offer a better chance of success.  To make this selection process easier, the following tips can help narrow down the options.

Tips for Choosing an Online CT Registry Exam Prep Program

1.  Take a look at reviews and testimonials.

Check out what past students say about the course material and how well it prepared them for their exam.  Also, look at first-time pass rates for those who have taken each course.  This research isn’t limited to those reviews posted on a course site – be sure to check out third-party sources such as social media platforms (ie Facebook, LinkedIn) and forums on sites like Reddit.  There are often specific threads or groups that are dedicated to communication between previous students and those currently in the studying process.

2.  Research your Instructor or Course Creator.

Doing this will help ensure you are enrolling in a course that comes directly from an expert in the field.  In addition to their education, teaching experience, and CT credentials, look at whether they offer individual consultations or tutoring.  One potential downside of online test preparation is the lack of interaction and one-on-one instruction.  Programs that battle this and stand out generally have an open line of communication between students and instructors and give students the ability to ask questions on the material

3.  Look for on-demand options.

Those preparing for the CT Registry Exam are often full-time employees and/or family leaders with busy schedules.  When choosing a program, selecting an on-demand option that can be completed at the student’s own pace is recommended.  This is especially useful so students can take advantage of breaks at work or long commutes as opportunities to complete coursework and study.

4.  Find a program with a VARIETY of study/prep materials.

One of the keys to test preparation is to involve a variety of materials and types of learning.  Look for courses that offer information in text form but also relevant graphics/images, worksheets, and audio/visual lectures.  Receiving important CT information in several ways helps to ensure that it is retained and easily retrieved when sitting for the exam.

5.  Find a program with a mock exam that is more challenging than the real thing.

Easy practice exams give a false sense of confidence and don’t adequately assess your knowledge level when studying for the difficult CT Registry Exam.  When taking a mock exam that closely resembles the real thing, you can better identify areas of weakness for further study.

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Online Webinar

If you are looking to begin your journey towards a CT credential and have decided that an online program suits your needs, The Tuffest Stuff offers a 16-hour online, on-demand program to help you on your way.  This program is approved for 16 category A CE credits by the AHRA and satisfies the ARRT educational requirement to sit for the CT Registry Exam.  Also, the first-time pass rate on the exam for alums of this program is 94%! 

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