Finding a career as a Computed Tomography Technologist offers a multitude of opportunities within the digital imaging niche. CT tech jobs are in high demand, but as more students emerge with their certification, finding the right career opportunity may seem more challenging. If you’re ready to launch your career as a CT tech, it’s time to prepare for the ARRT CT registry exam.

The ARRT exam is an exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. It’s meant to make sure candidates have the basic knowledge needed for competent performance in entry-level RT jobs. The CT exam hones in on the knowledge of applicants pursuing a career in computed tomography. The exam focuses on patient care, procedures, image production, and radiation safety. While the test covers a variety of material, The Tuffest Stuff is prepping you with five steps to pass the CT registry exam.

How To Land A CT Tech Job

Once the exam is behind you and you’ve obtained your certification, it’s time to explore CT tech jobs in your desired area. Don’t rely solely on who offers the best CT tech salary. While pay is an important component of choosing a job, you also want to ensure the environment you’re about to enter is one with growth potential. As you consider the medical or imaging facility for which you desire to work, use these tips to land the job.

1. Build Contacts During Clinicals

Prove your worth as you learn. One of the strongest components to a highly-qualified CT tech is having someone advocate for your work and skill. Even in a learning environment, have a professional demeanor and build a good reputation among those with whom you work. Offering solid references to new potential employers makes you a great candidate for snagging the job and building a solid career.

2. Explore Professional Organizations

You can never begin professional networking too early. As you work your way through the CT registry exam, take advantage of local, state and national professional organizations that you can join to help extend your networking efforts. Being among your region’s top employees and employers in imaging sciences may offer an opportunity you otherwise would know nothing about. As you become more acquainted with the members, you can build professional references, learn of continuing education opportunities or may even be hired. Plus, your organization memberships are a great resume builder and could give you a leg up when it comes to landing the best CT tech jobs.

3. Understand The Potential Employer

So, you have your first interviews lined up for potential CT tech jobs. Your interview doesn’t start when you walk in the door. Building a good first impression begins as soon as you confirm the interview. Build your confidence by researching the potential employer and understanding the organization’s mission. Are you interviewing for an overnight emergency room CT tech position or would you work day shift at a standalone, outpatient clinic? Consider the position and be prepared to explain why you would make the best fit for the particular job.

4. Learn On Your Own

Even without saying it, some employers may seek candidates who already have experience using the type of equipment within the facility. If you’ve been trained on only one type of medical records system or imaging machinery, seek out a colleague or internship opportunity that offers experience on other models. Look for opportunities to learn new equipment and research your desired organization to discover what type of equipment they use. Knowing what to expect will give you an advantage for the position.

5. Understand The Interview Process

Many medical organizations perform panel style interviews. Be prepared to answer questions in front of a group of people, rather than one hiring manager. In addition, know that the interview questions will not all be educationally based. You’ll be asked situational questions – how you would respond in certain situations or how you did respond in past circumstances. You should also be prepared with questions of your own. Don’t get so tied up in trying to impress the panel that you forget to do your own interviewing. This is your time to ensure the organization is a good fit for you.

6. Be Knowledgeable Of Industry Advancements

The medical imaging world is constantly evolving. Your knowledge of equipment and methods needs to be advancing just as rapidly. Stay up to date on industry trends, the latest technology and areas of the country where facilities are leading the way in exploration and patient care. Find trustworthy medical journals and websites that publish information about Computed Tomography and other forms of imaging. It’s also wise to stay abreast current CT tech salary ranges in your area. When a job opportunity does present itself, you want to have an idea of what a strong salary offer is and when you should negotiate.

7. Showcase Certifications And Other Education

Highlight your education in areas beyond your degree. If you’ve been certified in CPR, be sure to include it on your resume and highlight it during the interview. If you’ve passed the CT registry exam, make it a prominent factor that sets you apart from other candidates. The potential employer will appreciate that they can hire you and you’re immediately ready to work. Take advantage of further education offerings during school or within your community. Document the procedures you learn, participate in and earn certification.

8. Choose A High-Quality CT Registry Exam Study Program

You want to earn your CT tech certification to offer as a strong selling point to potential employers. In order to pass the CT registry exam the first time, you need to choose a study program that covers material that you’ll see on the actual exam. The Tuffest Stuff is one of the highest-rated programs and past registrants of The Tuffest Stuff Live Lecture Seminar have been successful on the CT Registry exam more than 92 percent of the time as a first-time test taker.

Whether you learn best through a live seminar, online CT tech quizzes, or a recorded webinar, The Tuffest Stuff provides all options and support needed to pass the CT registry exam.  As you search for the best CT tech jobs, look beyond the CT tech salary and use our tips to find the right-fit organization for your skills.