Do you have trouble staying focused when you study? You may find your mind wander off and before you know it, it’s been an hour and you’re still on the same page! Let’s face it – studying can be boring and stressful. However, with the CT Registry Exam right around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’re well prepared. You’ve spent all this time working up to this point, so you want to pass your exam with flying colors. Although the CT Registry Exam may seem scary, there are some amazing studying tips that can help you feel at ease. The best part is that you can use these tips for any tests you have in the future, too!Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn 7 studying tips to crush the CT Registry Exam.

1. Have an Organized Study Area

Learning how to prepare for a test begins with where you’ll study. If your desk is messy, you should consider organizing it before you begin. Clutter has a bigger impact than you may think. It makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed and lowers your productivity. By organizing your study area first, it’ll help you feel calmer and allow you to focus, instead of worry about the huge mess in front of you. It’ll also increase the study area you have. You’ll be able to spread out without having to pile papers and books on top of each other. This will help you find things faster, so you don’t have the added frustration of searching for a specific paper.

2. Make a Study Plan

Once you have a large, open space to study, it’s time to map out a plan. Procrastinating until the last minute will only make you feel more stressed. Instead, plan to study a little bit every day. Write your daily goals on a calendar, and make sure you give yourself more than enough time to cover the material. You may also want to schedule a few minutes at the beginning of your study time to review past material, especially trouble areas. This ensures you are constantly revisiting past material and refreshing your memory.

3. Sign Up for an Online Seminar

Do you learn well through lectures? One of the best study tips is to sign up for an online seminar, like the ones offered through The Tuffest StuffYou’ll be able to review the material you learned in a live online-classroom setting. These seminars are specially tailored to those who are about to take the CT Registry Exam and will cover a lot of the information you’ll need to know. Think of it like a crash course to help you review what you learned over your CT school career.

4. Sign Up for a Specific Seminar

Is there one concept that you just don’t understand? You may have read the chapter over and over again, but it still doesn’t make sense. Or maybe you had to miss a week of school and don’t feel confident in the chapter you missed. The Tuffest Stuff also offers seminars that focus on specific subject matters. This gives you a more personalized option to relearn the material in an online classroom setting. When taking the CT Registry Exam, every question counts, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good grasp on all the content.

5. Studying Before Bed Works for Some

So, we’ve talked about where and how to study, now it’s time to talk about when to study. One of the easiest study tips to follow is to study before bed. The goal is to study until you feel too tired to focus, then turn your light off and grab some shut-eye. The theory is while you sleep, your brain goes through memory consolidation and moves information into your long-term memory. Supposedly, when you study before bed, there’s a better chance that your brain will move that information over into long-term memory. You should wake up in the morning and be able to remember a lot of what you studied the night before. Well, that is the theory anyway. If you ask me, studying before the beginning of your day is much more productive than at the end.

6. Reward Yourself

Do you have trouble staying focused while studying? You may find yourself thinking about anything and everything except the notes in front of you. One of the best studying tips is to put rewards in place. Tell yourself you’ll take a 10-minute TV break, grab a bowl of ice cream, or go for a jog after you finish the chapter. This will give you the motivation to finish the task at hand and help you relax, so you can recommence studying with a clear mind. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re still studying enough. Rewarding yourself with an hour break after taking a 5-minute practice quiz won’t do you any good.

7. Take Practice Quizzes

Perhaps the best way to see if these studying tips are helping is to quiz yourself. Not only will it show you the areas that you need to work on, but it’ll help prepare you for the long CT Registry Exam in your future. You’ll want to make sure the questions on your practice quizzes and Mock registry exams are similar to the questions you may see on your CT Registry Exam. For that reason, in addition to repeatedly studying The Tuffest Stuff “Baby Boards”, Mock registry exams, Section exams and the Educational Materials it’s recommended that you consider THE TUFFEST STUFF CAPSTONE SUITE. Here you will find an additional “Baby Boards” Exam and 2 additional Mock registry exams plus more invaluable worksheets. Your future self will thank you.

The Best Studying Tips to Ace the CT Registry Exam

If you have the CT Registry Exam coming up, you may have started to panic about how to study efficiently. While the CT Registry Exam is a big deal, you can make studying easier. Just follow our 7 studying tips to learn the information and crush the CT Registry Exam. And do yourself a big favor and consider THE TUFFEST STUFF CT REGISTRY REVIEW WEBINAR and CAPSTONE SUITE for your CT Registry study needs.

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