Effectively manage your study efforts and make preparing for the CT Registry Exam possible as a working professional.

Preparing for an examination as challenging as the CT Registry Exam is difficult.  Factor in a busy schedule and a full-time job and the task can seem impossible.  There are many different study tips out there.  The core of a successful test preparation plan while employed full-time revolves around five simple hacks.

Take Care of Your Mind and Body

It is easy to place physical and emotional health on the back burner when focused on an end goal such as achieving your CT credential.  However, doing so can have detrimental effects on your study efforts.

Fuel your body for success by limiting processed foods and maintaining a diet rich in whole foods, including superfoods linked to brain functions such as memory.  Examples of these foods include berries, whole grains, and lean fish such as salmon.  Save time and stress in hospital cafeterias by prepping your meals at home.  That way, you ensure you are getting the nutrients needed to fuel your brain.

Sleep is also crucial for retaining information, and it is important to restore daily with a healthy sleeping pattern.  If stress negatively impacts your sleeping pattern, try to manage stress levels through meditation.  Even a few minutes of mindful meditation can relax the brain.  This allows for better quality sleep and increased retention of new knowledge.

Make the Most of the Time You Have

Work, classes, family responsibilities, social life – the more crowded your schedule is the more difficult it seems to find the time to study.  It is important to factor test preparation into your daily schedule and utilize the time you do have effectively. For a short period of time, four to six weeks, make studying to pass the CT Registry your first and main priority.

Schedule your days (or weeks/months) out in advance to identify blocks of time you can devote to studying CT.  Don’t forget about those periods during the workday such as short breaks or longer lunch periods.  Even small 15-minute breaks are the perfect time to review your flashcards or notes.  Also, if you can avoid the temptation of social media, a smartphone can greatly aid in quick study sessions.  Seek out online learning opportunities and CT Registry Exam preparation courses that offer material that can be viewed on a mobile device at any time.  Also, look to Youtube for lectures and topic summaries that are easily reviewed in a break room or standing in line in the cafeteria.

Commutes can also be utilized for studying.  Time spent on public transport is the perfect opportunity to watch online presentations or study exam notes.  If you commute by car, download lecture audio files to make the most of the drive to and from work.

Finally, bottom line, how about this? Make studying for the CT Registry the first thing you do in your day instead of the last. When you study with your brain fresh your recall will improve. Fact.

Create the Ideal Study Environment

Whether you are at home or work, it is important to consider your surroundings when preparing to study.  At home, be sure there is a dedicated study area free from distractions and set up with all the material needed for test preparation.  Bookmark preparation material and online lectures so they are easily accessed during study periods. 

During breaks at work, seek out areas in which you can focus.  This may mean getting outside and finding a nearby bench (fresh air is an added benefit) or simply seeking out quiet lounges where the temptation to think about or discuss work is eliminated.

Ask for Help if Needed

Many people before you have gone through the same process of preparing for the CT Registry Exam.  Rather than be intimidated by their experience, utilize it to help you along in your preparations.

Reach out to course creators and presenters when the material is unclear, or you need further explanation on a topic, like CT Physics.   Test preparation courses often have Facebook or other social media pages and/or forums dedicated to assisting students with challenging topics.

Utilize the expert knowledge of others in your workplace.  On busier days, this may not be possible, but take advantage of slower periods at work and ask for explanations of difficult material from CT Technologists who have already mastered it.

Be Sure to Study Both Passively and Actively

Enhance your preparation and CT knowledge by combining a variety of study methods.  Reading and/or listening to lectures are great forms of passive learning when introduced to new topics.

In addition to this, include lots of active learning activities to further plant this new information in your brain for long-term retention.  Examples of active learning activities include summarizing lectures (not simply a transcription, but rather explaining the main concepts in your own words) and group discussions with others who are working towards a CT credential as well.

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