Difficult practice exams actually work to build confidence!

When preparing for a difficult exam like the ARRT CT Registry Examination, prepping in exam-like conditions often yields a better outcome.

See how prepared you are.

If you want to obtain the Computed Tomography (CT) credential, completing a Mock CT Registry Practice Exam that strongly mimics the real test in content and degree of difficulty is the best way to prepare. Your Mock CT Registry practice Exams should resemble the CT Registry Exam, both, in the time you allow yourself to write the exam and the exam content.

Professor Mike Enriquez is a trusted authority in the creation of CT exam study material and CT Registry Mock Test content. He created The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Assessment Challenge to be a diagnostic tool for those preparing for the ARRT CT Registry Examination. Development of The Tuffest Stuff Assessment Challenge came from years of teaching CT and Professor Mike’s familiarity with the ARRT CT Examination Specification Contents. Professor Mike, simply, knows what works and what does not. 

Preparation Tips for the ARRT Practice Exam: The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Assessment Challenge

Treat The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Assessment Challenge just as you would the actual exam. It is important to incorporate your test preparation habits well in advance of the actual examination. Along with developing your knowledge of CT, you should also be developing your test-taking skills. Follow these suggestions to feel comfortable and prepared for the Assessment Challenge and the real exam:

  • Get plenty of rest & remember to hydrate the day before you take the Assessment Challenge; and, certainly the day before you sit for the CT Registry Examination
  • Use the restroom before you start the Assessment Challenge
  • Wear loose clothes, be comfortable in your attire
  • Set a timer for yourself. A minimum of 90 minutes is best for most test takers. Adjust your time accordingly.
  • Remove as many distractions as possible while taking the Assessment Challenge. Turn off social and media devices temporarily.
  • Remember to completely read each question 3 times before venturing an answer. Doing so will assist with your understanding of the question, prevent knee-jerk responses, and, most of all, it will slow you down!

Set some time aside, 30 min before you start and 10 min after you finish, to process how you’re feeling about the Assessment Challenge

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Assessment Challenge must be completed in one sitting. You cannot save your answers and return later to finish the test. There are 182 questions. You should be able to answer the questions within 90-120 minutes. 

Challenging CT Registry Mock Test

Selecting an easy practice test doesn’t expand your knowledge or help prepare you for the ARRT CT Exam.  If anything, it can give you a false sense of confidence and leave you unprepared for the actual exam.  The Tuffest Stuff Assessment Challenge is designed to mirror the actual ARRT exam. Creating an environment similar to what you’ll face during the exam and answering exam-like questions is the only way to truly prepare for one of the most challenging exams you’ll ever take to advance your career.

Ready to find out if you’re Tuff Enuff for the CT Registry Exam? The Tuffest Stuff Assessment Challenge includes question content you’ll see on the actual exam and is based on the most recent CT Exam Content Specifications.  Not only is the mock test similar to the real exam, your results will be categorized in a manner similar to the actual test. 

You will learn your strengths and weaknesses and gain insight as to which area(s) you need to concentrate on to be successful. That is, if you’re serious about passing the ARRT CT Registry Examination on your first attempt.

Now is the time! Are you serious about passing the ARRT CT Registry Examination?

See how prepared you are.

CT Registry Exam Pass Rates for The Tuffest Stuff alums on their first try: 94%!
Content based on the most recent ARRT CT Examination Specifications
Webinar Series prepared by an award-winning presenter & CT Registered RT

“Very informative, Mike is a great guy who wants everyone to pass. Take his class and you will learn a lot!”

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