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The Tuffest Stuff is the most effective Computed Tomography exam prep and educational program offered online. There are a variety of test preps, bootcamps, radreview solutions and quizlets available. However, what makes The Tuffest Stuff unique is the comprehensive nature of the Webinar relative to the ARRT CT Examination Specification Contents and the time dedicated to developing the most comprehensive and valid Educational Materials making it possible for first time test takers to be successful on the ARRT CT Exam. Take the Tuffest Stuff complimentary Assessment Challenge to see where you stack up relative to the CT Registry. Also, see the video lectures on the Tuffest Stuff You Tube channel to learn valuable CT Registry related material.

In addition to the stellar Power Point based Webinar lectures, the extensive CT registry review program is further complimented with expertly written worksheets, an equations workbook, several challenging mock registry practice exams, a 3D anatomy review, and more. All of these and more are found within the ultra-valuable Webinar Educational Materials. Join the more than 1,200 Radiologic Technologists who have completed the online, on-demand Webinar course and some 3,000 RTs who have attended past Tuffest Stuff live lecture seminars.

Who is Professor Mike Enriquez?

Mike Enriquez Mike Enriquez spent over 30 years teaching some of the most technical courses in Community College and  Bachelors Degree Radiologic Technology Programs.

He is a recognized expert in the area of CT Physics and has crafted a passion for  helping students understand these difficult topics through the years and evolution of the field.

Upon completion of his time in Radiologic  Technology & Computed Tomography  education, Mike realized that his passion for learning and teaching was still there. At the conclusion of his experience with the   ASRT as a CT Chapter Delegate, Mike   became one of   the first to design an academic and clinical curriculum for Computed Tomography for Radiologic Technologists.

Mike’s comprehensive coverage of material found in the Tuffest Stuff review program combined with his passion for teaching and mentoring those trying to advance in the field virtually guarantees success to those RT’s preparing for the ARRT CT Registry Examination.


5 Reasons to choose our ARRT test prep

  1. The Webinar content is based on the most recent ARRT CT Examination Specification Contents.
  2. The material is professionally prepared by an RT who is CT Registered and an award-winning presenter on the content.
  3. Study materials, including the Webinar and Educational Materials are available online and on-demand on any device with internet access.
  4. The curriculum is completely devoted to CT registry review prep.
  5. Your odds of passing on the first try are 94%. (individual results do vary.)

Why Is Tuffest Stuff The Best CT Exam Prep?

The Tuffest Stuff is the best online training system for Radiologic Technologists with a goal of cross-training in Computed Tomography. Take the complimentary Assessment Challenge which roughly mirrors the ARRT CT exam and see where you stack up. Doing so will help you prepare you for the actual exam questions you may experience. Giving you a false sense of security with deceptively easy prep material is not The Tuffest Stuff way.

  • The author/presenter is available for one or more individual tutorial sessions.
  • Students can get help from an expert developer, lecturer, and presenter, Professor Mike Enriquez
  • The Tuffest Stuff curriculum focuses on the most difficult areas of the exam, with special attention devoted to the area of CT Physics.
  • Mike Enriquez is an expert writer of curriculum and test preparation questions and materials and is recognized as an award-winning educator.


CT Exam Prep Learning

The Tuffest Stuff 16 Hour Online, On-demand Webinar Series meets the needs of those who must pass the exam in order to advance in their careers. As you prepare to take the ARRT CT exam, you need a variety of learning tools, and our system meets that need with educational materials that include mock exams, anatomy, topic worksheets, crosswords, a CT Math workbook, and a 500 question Practice Test Workbook.

  • Online Learning (at your own pace)
  • Quizzes & Worksheets
  • Mock Exams
  • CE Credits

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar Solution is the trusted resource when you want to pass the ARRT CT exam the first time. The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Professor Mike Enriquez is highly rated on RateMyProfessors.com, with students noting how he “explains everything well and answers any questions you have.”

If you’re ready to pass the CT exam the first time, join the more than 1,200 Radiologic Technologists who relied on The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar and 3,000 who relied on The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Live Lecture Seminar. With a first-time pass rate of 94%, we’re confident our Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar study guide solution will help every RT learn the skills necessary to advance their career.

Attempting the CT Registry Exam for the second or third time? Using The Tuffest Stuff Webinar, you can go into the exam the next time, feeling confident that you have studied what’s needed to pass an incredibly difficult CT Registry Exam.

Professor Mike of The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Webinar is pleased and proud to announce the affiliation and review contributions of Ms. Christine van Loon (R), (CT), (M), (ARDMS).

CT Registry Exam Pass Rates for The Tuffest Stuff alums on their first try: 94%!
Content based on the most recent ARRT CT Examination Specifications
Webinar Series prepared by an award-winning presenter & CT Registered RT

“I finally feel like I have what I need to properly study for the CT exam!  Mike breaks down what you need to know and the smaller details that you really need to know the ins and outs of.”

-Alexandra S.

5 out of 5 stars