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The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review Seminar Solution is designed to help you pass the ARRT CT Registry Exam the first time.

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The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review material

  • Is based on the published ARRT CT Registry Exam specification contents
  • Is designed for all learning styles
  • Can be reviewed at your own pace on any device with internet access – for a total of two years from date of purchase
  • Prepares you to pass the CT registry exam the first time
  • Is more challenging than other online resources because a false sense of confidence is not something you need


Preparation for your ARRT Computed Tomography certification exam needs to mirror the real test, and The Tuffest Stuff products are proven to be effective. Let Professor Mike Enriquez guide you through the CT exam content in an informative, real-life way. When it’s time to take the ARRT CT Registry exam, you want to feel:

  • Prepared
  • Confident
  • Knowledgeable
  • Informed

Our industry-leading approach takes the guesswork out of studying for the CT Registry exam. Through on-demand lectures, worksheets, quizzes, workbooks, and complex mock exams, you will be prepared for the next step in your professional career. Exam preparation for the ARRT CT Registry Exam has never been this in-depth and easy to understand. It’s time to join the 94% of The Tuffest Stuff students who pass the CT Registry exam on their first attempt.

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ARRT CT Test Prep Content Sneak Peek

Tuffest Stuff Episodes

  • Episode 15 – Patient Care
  • Episode 16 – Contrast Agents
  • Episode 17 – Injection Techniques
  • Episode 18 – Patient Care, Plus

Tuffest Stuff Episodes

  • Episode 10 – Acquisition of Data
  • Episode 25 – Impact of PITCH
  • Episode 26 – Radiation Protection
  • Episode 27 – Radiation Quantities
  • Episode 28 – Radiation Safety

Tuffest Stuff Episodes

  • Episode 1 – The CT Imaging Chain
  • Episode 2 – CT Fundamentals
  • Episode 3 – Acquisition Geometrics
  • Episode 4 – The X-Ray Tube
  • Episode 5 – Data Acquisition Systems
  • Episode 6 – Data Review
  • Episode 8 – Image Display
  •  Episode 12 – Data Acquisition Methodologies
  • Episode 14 – Defining Image Quality
  • Episode 24 – Reconstruction Fundamentals

Tuffest Stuff Episodes

  • Episode 7 – 3D Imaging
  • Episode 9 – Image Quality
  • Episode 11 – Introduction to Reconstruction
  • Episode 19 – Neurologic Procedures w/Cross-sectional Anatomy
  • Episode 20 – Thoracic Procedures w/Cross-sectional Anatomy
  • Episode 21 – Musculoskeletal Procedures w/Cross-sectional Anatomy
  • Episode 22 – Abdomen & Pelvis Procedures w/Cross-sectional Anatomy
  • Episode 23 – Cardiac Fundamentals

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ARRT Summary Statistics
July 2018 – June 2019

Total Number of Exam Takers: 6,423
Fail Rate Among First Timers: 25.3%
Exam Takers (2nd/3rd attempt): 1,642
Mean Score Among First Timers:  79.6

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